A library for visualization and creative-coding



Pts is a typescript/javascript library for visualization and creative-coding.  
Get started at
Please give it a try, file issues, and send feedbacks to @williamngan. Thank you!


Option 1    
Get the latest pts.js or pts.min.js (in dist folder). Alternatively use a CDN service like cdnjs or jsdelivr or unpkg. Then add it to your html page like this:
  1. ``` html
  2. <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/pts.js"></script>
  3. ```
Pts is pretty lightweight. Currently at ~90kb minified and 26kb gzipped.
Option 2:    
Install via npm install pts. Then you can choose to import some parts of Pts into your project as needed.  
  1. ``` js
  2. import {CanvasSpace, Pt, Group, Line} from 'pts';
  3. ```
To quickly get started, try download or clone these repos:
- pts-starter-kit: Get started with a sample app using npm and webpack
- pts-react-example: Try an example of using Pts with React.
- react-pts-canvas: Use it in your React project by extending react-pts-canvas component
Get Started    
Read the guides and take a look at the demos and their source code.
If you need help, please don't hesitate to file an issue.

For development

Pts is written in typescript. You can clone or fork this project and build it as follows:

Build and test

Clone this repo and install dependencies via npm install.
  1. ``` sh
  2. npm start
  3. npm run build
  4. npm test
  5. ```

Generate documentations

Run this to generate Pts styled documentations. (Requires python 3.6)
  1. ``` sh
  2. npm run docs  
  3. ```
If you prefer to generate default typedocs, run this:
  1. ``` sh
  2. typedoc --readme none --out typedocs src --name Pts
  3. ```

Generate typescript declaration files and minify

  1. ``` sh
  2. npm run typings
  3. npm run minify
  4. ```


We appreciate your support and feedbacks!
Please file issues if you find bugs and have feature requests. If you are able to send small PRs to improve Pts or fix bugs, that would be awesome too.  
For larger PRs, please ping @williamngan to discuss first.


Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file for details.    
Copyright © 2017-2019 by William Ngan and contributors.