A plugin framework for building rich text editors with slate.



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Plate consulting:
- @zbeyens – author

Looking to hire:
- @dylans – co-owner

DM @zbeyens to get added to the list if your offer includes Plate contribution.


Slate is a low-level editor
framework that helps you deal with difficult parts when building an
editor, such as events handlers, elements, formatting, commands,
rendering, serializing, normalizing, etc.

While you are trying to build your own editors, it still needs a lot of
skills to make something similar to Quill or
ProseMirror. This repository allows you to
build your editor right away with minimal slate knowledge.

@udecode/plate is built on top of slate to handle plugins and state
management for an optimal development experience. This repository comes
with a lot of plugins as elements, marks, serializers, normalizers,
queries, transforms, components and so on.

- 🏎 Simple Start

You only need one component to get started: <Plate>

- 🐻 State Management

zustand store is internally used

to support multiple editor states.

- 💅 Design System

The API is design system friendly. We provide a default design system

for quick start but you can plug-in your own one using a single


- 🔌 40+ Packages

We enforce separation of concerns by packaging each feature for build

optimization and versioning.

- 🛠 Extensible

All plugins accept extensible options and if you need to fork a

plugin, all its functions are exported.

- 📦 Tree-shaking / ES modules
- ✅ TypeScript types
- ✅ Unit tested with slate@0.63.0 and slate-react@0.65.2


To find out more see the following Plate documentation sections:

  - Guides
  - NextJS
  - CRA

The documentation is far from being complete and will be constantly
evolving (as will the packages).

Contributing and project organization

Ideas and discussions

Discussions is the best
place for bringing opinions and contributions. Letting us know if we're
going in the right or wrong direction is great feedback and will be much


Plate is a modular, multi-package, monorepo project. It consists of a
core package that creates the plugin system, based on which the plugin
packages are implemented.

See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute
your code to the project.


Core libraries

| Name                                       | Version                                                                                                                                                                 | Description                               |
| [`@udecode/plate-common`](packages/common) | [@udecode/plate-common npm package badge]( | Common queries, transforms and utilities. || [`@udecode/plate-core`](packages/core) | [@udecode/plate-core npm package badge]( | Core plate architecture. |

Element Plugins

| Name                                                              | Version                                                                                                                                                                                         | Description                                               |
| [`@udecode/plate-basic-elements`](packages/nodes/basic-elements) | [@udecode/plate-basic-elements npm package badge]( | Basic elements plugins. || [`@udecode/plate-alignment`](packages/nodes/alignment) | [@udecode/plate-alignment npm package badge]( | Text alignment plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-alignment`](packages/ui/nodes/alignment) | [@udecode/plate-ui-alignment npm package badge]( | Text alignment UI. || [`@udecode/plate-block-quote`](packages/nodes/block-quote/) | [@udecode/plate-block-quote npm package badge]( | Block quote plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-block-quote`](packages/ui/nodes/block-quote/) | [@udecode/plate-ui-block-quote npm package badge]( | Block quote UI. || [`@udecode/plate-code-block`](packages/nodes/code-block) | [@udecode/plate-code-block npm package badge]( | Code block plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-code-block`](packages/ui/nodes/code-block) | [@udecode/plate-ui-code-block npm package badge]( | Code block UI. || [`@udecode/plate-excalidraw`](packages/ui/nodes/excalidraw/) | [@udecode/plate-excalidraw npm package badge]( | Excalidraw plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-heading`](packages/nodes/heading/) | [@udecode/plate-heading npm package badge]( | Headings (1-6) plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-link`](packages/nodes/link/) | [@udecode/plate-link npm package badge]( | Link plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-link`](packages/ui/nodes/link/) | [@udecode/plate-ui-link npm package badge]( | Link UI. || [`@udecode/plate-list`](packages/nodes/list) | [@udecode/plate-list npm package badge]( | Bulleted, numbered and to-do list plugins. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-list`](packages/ui/nodes/list) | [@udecode/plate-ui-list npm package badge]( | List UI. || [`@udecode/plate-media`](packages/nodes/media) | [@udecode/plate-media npm package badge]( | Media embed plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-media`](packages/ui/nodes/media) | [@udecode/plate-ui-media npm package badge]( | Media embed UI. || [`@udecode/plate-mention`](packages/nodes/mention/) | [@udecode/plate-mention npm package badge]( | Mention plugin (autocomplete `@mentions`, `#tags`, etc.). || [`@udecode/plate-ui-mention`](packages/ui/nodes/mention/) | [@udecode/plate-ui-mention npm package badge]( | Mention UI. || [`@udecode/plate-paragraph`](packages/nodes/paragraph/) | [@udecode/plate-paragraph npm package badge]( | Paragraph plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-table`](packages/nodes/table/) | [@udecode/plate-table npm package badge]( | Table plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-table`](packages/ui/nodes/table/) | [@udecode/plate-ui-table npm package badge]( | Table UI. |

Mark Plugins

| Name                                                       | Version                                                                                                                                                                                | Description                                                                                   |
| [`@udecode/plate-basic-marks`](packages/nodes/basic-marks) | [@udecode/plate-basic-marks npm package badge]( | Basic marks plugins: bold, code, italic, strikethrough, subscript, superscript and underline. || [`@udecode/plate-font`](packages/nodes/font) | [@udecode/plate-font npm package badge]( | Font color and background color plugins. || [`@udecode/plate-highlight`](packages/nodes/highlight/) | [@udecode/plate-highlight npm package badge]( | Highlight plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-kbd`](packages/nodes/kbd/) | [@udecode/plate-kbd npm package badge]( | Keyboard input plugin. |

Serializer Plugins

| Name                                                                     | Version                                                                                                                                                                                            | Description                 |
| [`@udecode/plate-serializer-md`](packages/serializers/md) | [@udecode/plate-serializer-md npm package badge]( | Markdown serializer plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-serializer-csv`](packages/serializers/csv) | [@udecode/plate-serializer-csv npm package badge]( | CSV serializer plugin. |


| Name                                                                | Version                                                                                                                                                                                            | Description                                                                                                    |
| [`@udecode/plate`](packages/plate) | [@udecode/plate npm package badge]( | All-in-one package. || [`@udecode/plate-autoformat`](packages/editor/autoformat) | [@udecode/plate-autoformat npm package badge]( | Autoformatting plugin. Replaces predefined characters with a corresponding format (e.g. **foo** becomes bold). || [`@udecode/plate-break`](packages/editor/break) | [@udecode/plate-break npm package badge]( | Insert break plugins. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-dnd`](packages/ui/dnd) | [@udecode/plate-ui-dnd npm package badge]( | Drag and drop with [react-dnd]( || [`@udecode/plate-find-replace`](packages/decorators/find-replace) | [@udecode/plate-find-replace npm package badge]( | Find and replace plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-find-replace`](packages/ui/find-replace) | [@udecode/plate-ui-find-replace npm package badge]( | Find and replace UI. || [`@udecode/plate-node-id`](packages/editor/node-id) | [@udecode/plate-node-id npm package badge]( | Node ID plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-normalizers`](packages/editor/normalizers) | [@udecode/plate-normalizers npm package badge]( | Normalizer plugins. || [`@udecode/plate-reset-node`](packages/editor/reset-node) | [@udecode/plate-reset-node npm package badge]( | Reset node plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-select`](packages/editor/select) | [@udecode/plate-select npm package badge]( | Node selecting plugins. || [`@udecode/plate-styled-components`](packages/ui/styled-components) | [@udecode/plate-ui-fluent npm package badge]( | Styled components (Plate UI library). || [`@udecode/plate-trailing-block`](packages/editor/trailing-block) | [@udecode/plate-trailing-block npm package badge]( | Trailing-block plugin. || [`@udecode/plate-ui-toolbar`](packages/ui/toolbar) | [@udecode/plate-ui-toolbar npm package badge]( | Toolbar UI (balloon, heading, buttons, etc.). || [`@udecode/plate-test-utils`](packages/test-utils/) | [@udecode/plate-test-utils npm package badge]( | Test utilities. |

Looking for slate-plugins?

This repo has been renamed to plate. The name change should not
disrupt any current usage, repo clones, pull requests or issue
reporting. Links should redirect to the new location. The library
formerly known as @udecode/slate-plugins is now available as

Author's Note

@zbeyens: I'm building an app with an

editor like many of you and my first initiative was to spend months

to share this work, while hundreds of developers were coding and

debugging the exact same features. Open-source is a long-term

investment for a bug-free product and reducing technical debt, so

I can only encourage you to join this collaboration. Our goal is to

build a fully-featured editor.


🌟 Stars and 📥 Pull requests are welcome! Don't hesitate to share
your plugins here. Read our contributing guide to
get started, or find us on
Slack, we will take
the time to guide you.

Thanks goes to these wonderful people

Ziad Beyens


Dylan Schiemann


Horacio Herrera

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Eivind Barstad Waaler

💻 🔌 💡 🐛

Petr Sahula

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Mark Vujevits



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Daniel Lunde

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Roman Landenband

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Csaba Benkő


This project follows the
specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!