Collection of essential `React Hooks`. Port of`libreact`. Translations: `🇨🇳 汉语` npm i react-use

useBattery — tracks device battery state.
useGeolocation — tracks geo location state of user's device.
useHover and useHoverDirty — tracks mouse hover state of some element.
useHash — tracks location hash value.
useIdle — tracks whether user is being inactive.
useIntersection — tracks an HTML element's intersection.
useKey, useKeyPress, useKeyboardJs, and useKeyPressEvent — track keys.
useLocation and useSearchParam — tracks page navigation bar location state.
useLongPress — tracks long press gesture of some element.
useMedia — tracks state of a CSS media query.
useMediaDevices — tracks state of connected hardware devices.
useMotion — tracks state of device's motion sensor.
useMouse and useMouseHovered — tracks state of mouse position.
useMouseWheel — tracks deltaY of scrolled mouse wheel.
useNetworkState — tracks the state of browser's network connection.
useOrientation — tracks state of device's screen orientation.
usePageLeave — triggers when mouse leaves page boundaries.
useScratch — tracks mouse click-and-scrub state.
useScroll — tracks an HTML element's scroll position.
useScrolling — tracks whether HTML element is scrolling.
useStartTyping — detects when user starts typing.
useWindowScroll — tracks Window scroll position.
useWindowSize — tracks Window dimensions.
useMeasure and useSize — tracks an HTML element's dimensions.
createBreakpoint — tracks innerWidth
useScrollbarWidth — detects browser's native scrollbars width.
usePinchZoom — tracks pointer events to detect pinch zoom in and out status.

useAudio — plays audio and exposes its controls.
useClickAway — triggers callback when user clicks outside target area.
useCss — dynamically adjusts CSS.
useDrop and useDropArea — tracks file, link and copy-paste drops.
useFullscreen — display an element or video full-screen.
useSlider — provides slide behavior over any HTML element.
useSpeech — synthesizes speech from a text string.
useVibrate — provide physical feedback using the Vibration API.
useVideo — plays video, tracks its state, and exposes playback controls.

useRaf — re-renders component on each requestAnimationFrame.
useInterval and useHarmonicIntervalFn — re-renders component on a set interval using setInterval.
useSpring — interpolates number over time according to spring dynamics.
useTimeout — re-renders component after a timeout.
useTimeoutFn — calls given function after a timeout.
useTween — re-renders component, while tweening a number from 0 to 1.
useUpdate — returns a callback, which re-renders component when called.

useAsync, useAsyncFn, and useAsyncRetry — resolves an async function.
useBeforeUnload — shows browser alert when user try to reload or close the page.
useCookie — provides way to read, update and delete a cookie.
useCopyToClipboard — copies text to clipboard.
useDebounce — debounces a function.
useError — error dispatcher.
useFavicon — sets favicon of the page.
useLocalStorage — manages a value in localStorage.
useLockBodyScroll — lock scrolling of the body element.
useRafLoop — calls given function inside the RAF loop.
useSessionStorage — manages a value in sessionStorage.
useThrottle and useThrottleFn — throttles a function.
useTitle — sets title of the page.
usePermission — query permission status for browser APIs.

useEffectOnce — a modified useEffect hook that only runs once.
useEvent — subscribe to events.
useLifecycles — calls mount and unmount callbacks.
useMountedState and useUnmountPromise — track if component is mounted.
usePromise — resolves promise only while component is mounted.
useLogger — logs in console as component goes through life-cycles.
useMount — calls mount callbacks.
useUnmount — calls unmount callbacks.
useUpdateEffect — run an effect only on updates.
useIsomorphicLayoutEffectuseLayoutEffect that that works on server.
useDeepCompareEffect, useShallowCompareEffect, and useCustomCompareEffect

createMemo — factory of memoized hooks.
createReducer — factory of reducer hooks with custom middleware.
createReducerContext and createStateContext — factory of hooks for a sharing state between components.
useDefault — returns the default value when state is null or undefined.
useGetSet — returns state getter get() instead of raw state.
useGetSetState — as if useGetSet and useSetState had a baby.
useLatest — returns the latest state or props
usePrevious — returns the previous state or props.
usePreviousDistinct — like usePrevious but with a predicate to determine if previous should update.
useObservable — tracks latest value of an Observable.
useRafState — creates setState method which only updates after requestAnimationFrame.
useSetState — creates setState method which works like this.setState.
useStateList — circularly iterates over an array.
useToggle and useBoolean — tracks state of a boolean.
useCounter and useNumber — tracks state of a number.
useList and useUpsert — tracks state of an array.
useMap — tracks state of an object.
useSet — tracks state of a Set.
useQueue — implements simple queue.
useStateValidator — tracks state of an object.
useStateWithHistory — stores previous state values and provides handles to travel through them.
useMultiStateValidator — alike the useStateValidator, but tracks multiple states at a time.
useMediatedState — like the regular useState but with mediation by custom function.
useFirstMountState — check if current render is first.
useRendersCount — count component renders.
createGlobalState — cross component shared state.
useMethods — neat alternative to useReducer.

useEnsuredForwardedRef and ensuredForwardRef — use a React.forwardedRef safely.

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