A shadcn table component with server-side sorting, filtering, and paginatio...


Shadcn Table

This is a shadcn table component with server-side sorting, filtering, and pagination. It is bootstrapped with create-t3-app.


This project is still in development and is not ready for production use.


It uses new technologies (ppr, and drizzle ORM) which are subject to change and may break your application.

Tech Stack

- Framework: Next.js
- Styling: Tailwind CSS
- UI Components: shadcn/ui
- Table package: TanStack/react-table
- Database: Neon
- Validation: Zod


- [x] Server-side pagination, sorting, and filtering (via useDataTable hook)
- [x] Customizable columns (dataTable and columns props)
- [x] Dynamic debounced search filters, and faceted filters (filterFields prop)
- [x] Dynamic Data-Table-Toolbar with search, filters, and actions
- [x] Optional Notion like advanced filtering (enableAdvancedFilter prop)
- [x] Optional Linear like floating bar on row selection (floatingBar prop)

Running Locally

1. Clone the repository

   git clone

2. Install dependencies using pnpm

   pnpm install

3. Copy the .env.example to .env and update the variables.

   cp .env.example .env

4. Start the development server

   pnpm run dev

5. Push the database schema

   pnpm run db:push

Build your own Table

1. Copy the following folders and files into your project (configured with ) at the exact specific locations

   - src/components/data-table
   - src/db/index.ts
   - src/hooks
   - src/lib
   - src/types

   Also install the required shadcn components and other required packages with the following commands:

   pnpm dlx shadcn-ui@latest init

   pnpm dlx shadcn-ui@latest add badge button calendar checkbox command dialog dropdown-menu form input label popover select separator skeleton sonner table toggle-group tooltip

   pnpm add drizzle-orm postgres @tanstack/react-table zod @t3-oss/env-nextjs
   pnpm add -D drizzle-kit dotenv-cli pg tsx

2. Configure your Environment Variables
   Then set up the Database URL, for this example, we're using PlanetScale MySQL2 Database. Our schemas will also be made using this.

3. Database Actions: For this you can use any ORM of your choice, but for the sake of this particular example, we're using Drizzle ORM and Neon.

   As an example, lets use the tasks table.

   - Create the Table Schema at @/db/schema.ts
   - Create the associated zod validations @/lib/validations/tasks.ts file

4. Setting up the Table

   - Create Files: Create page.tsx and, if needed, layout.tsx in your app directory.
   - Copy Directories: Copy ./_components and ./_lib directories into your project.
   - Update Queries/Mutations: Modify ./_lib/queries.ts, ./_lib/actions.ts, and ./_lib/client-actions.ts to match your database operations.
   - Update Floating Bar: Update ./_components/tasks-table-floating-bar.tsx to match your table's actions (optional).
   - Define Table Columns: Update ./_components/tasks-table-columns.tsx to define column headers, actions, searchable and filterable columns.
   - Setup Data Fetching: In ./page.tsx, define getTasksPromise, getTaskCountByStatus, and getTaskCountByPriority.
   - Fetch Data: In ./_components/tasks-table.tsx, consume the getTasksPromise promise using the React.use hook. The promise is passed to trigger the suspense boundary.
   - Memoize Table Columns: In ./_components/tasks-table.tsx, memoize columns defined in ./_components/tasks-table-columns.tsx using React.useMemo hook to prevent unnecessary re-renders.
   - Use Data Table Hook: In ./_components/tasks-table.tsx, call ./hooks/useTasksTable.tsx hook to handle server-side pagination, sorting, and filtering.
   - Remove Tasks Table Provider: Make sure to remove the provider from ./components/tasks-table-provider.tsx. The provider is used to showcase some additional features like floating bar and advanced filters.

Codebase Overview

Watch the codebase overview video on YouTube.

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How do I deploy this?

Follow the deployment guides for Vercel, Netlify and Docker for more information.