Build OpenAPI-compliant REST APIs using TypeScript and Node



Pronounced so·uh
OpenAPI-compliant REST APIs using TypeScript and Node

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TypeScript controllers and models as the single source of truth for your API
A valid OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) spec (2.0 or 3.0 if you choose 😍) is generated from your controllers and models, including:
Paths (e.g. GET /users)
Definitions based on TypeScript interfaces (models)
Parameters/model properties marked as required or optional based on TypeScript (e.g. myProperty?: string is optional in the OpenAPI spec)
jsDoc supported for object descriptions (most other metadata can be inferred from TypeScript types)

Routes are generated for middleware of choice
Express, Hapi, and Koa currently supported, other middleware can be supported using a simple handlebars template
Validate request payloads


Rely on TypeScript type annotations to generate API metadata if possible
If regular type annotations aren't an appropriate way to express metadata, use decorators
Use jsdoc for pure text metadata (e.g. endpoint descriptions)
Minimize boilerplate
Models are best represented by interfaces (pure data structures), but can also be represented by classes
Runtime validation of tsoa should behave as closely as possible to the specifications that the generated OpenAPI 2/3 schema describes. Any differences in validation logic are clarified by logging warnings during the generation of the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) and/or the routes.
Please note that by enabling OpenAPI 3 you minimize the chances of divergent validation logic since OpenAPI 3 has a more expressive schema syntax.

Getting Started

API Reference
Getting started guide


Check out the guides

See example controllers in the tests

See example models in the tests

Help wanted

Contributing code

To contribute (via a PR), please first see the Contributing Guide

Becoming a maintainer

tsoa wants additional maintainers! The library has increased in popularity and has quite a lot of pull requests and issues. Please post in this issue if you're willing to take on the role of a maintainer.