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An accessibility visualization toolkit

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Deprecation Notice

tota11y was created at a time when tooling to assist in developing accessible solutions was sparse. Since then, not only have some great browser extensions and automated tooling come into existence, like [axe][1] and [axe-core][2] from [deque][3], but browsers have added specific development tooling to support accessibility. As such, we are no longer actively developing or maintaining tota11y.

After careful consideration of the options available, we decided to archive the repository and deprecate the project. As such, we will no longer be accepting pull requests or issues.

Thank you for all the support this project has received over the years and for all those who work hard to ensure the web is accessible to all.

Special thanks

Many of tota11y's features come straight from Google Chrome's Accessibility Developer Tools. We use this library heavily at Khan Academy.

The awesome glasses in our logo were created by Kyle Scott and are licensed under CC BY 3.0.