Runtime type system for IO decoding/encoding


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  - [Experimental features (version 2.2+)](#experimental-features-version-22)


To install the stable version

  1. ```sh
  2. npm i io-ts fp-ts
  3. ```

Note. [fp-ts]( is a peer dependency for io-ts


Stable features

- [index.ts module](

Experimental modules (version 2.2+)

Experimental modules (\*) are published in order to get early feedback from the community, see these tracking issues for further discussions and enhancements.

The experimental modules are independent and backward-incompatible with stable ones.

- [Decoder.ts module](
- [Encoder.ts module](
- [Codec.ts module](
- [Eq.ts module](
- [Schema.ts module (advanced feature)](

(\*) A feature tagged as _Experimental_ is in a high state of flux, you're at risk of it changing without notice.