Eclipse Theia

A cloud & desktop IDE framework implemented in TypeScript.


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Eclipse Theia is an extensible framework to develop full-fledged multi-language Cloud & Desktop IDEs and tools with  state-of-the-art web technologies.

- [Website](#website)
- [Releases](#releases)
- [Scope](#scope)
- [Roadmap](#roadmap)
- [Getting Started](#getting-started)
- [Contributing](#contributing)
- [Feedback](#feedback)
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- [License](#license)
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- All available releases are available on GitHub including changelogs.
- Detailed release announcements are linked on the Theia website.
- Community Releases are listed on the Theia website.
- Visit the release website for more information.


- Support building browser-based and desktop IDEs and tools
- Provide a highly flexible architecture for adopters
- Support VS Code Extension protocol
- Develop under vendor-neutral open-source governance

More details on the project goals are available on the Theia website.


See our roadmap for an overview about the current project goals and the upcoming releases.

Getting Started

Here you can find guides and examples for common scenarios to adopt Theia:


Read below to learn how to take part in improving Theia:
- Fork the repository and run the examples from source
- Find an issue to work on and submit a pull request
  - First time contributing to open source? Pick a good first issue to get you familiar with GitHub contributing process.
  - First time contributing to Theia? Pick a beginner friendly issue to get you familiar with codebase and our contributing process.
  - Want to become a Committer? Solve an issue showing that you understand Theia objectives and architecture. Here is a good list to start. Further, have a look at our roadmap to align your contributions with the current project goals.
- Could not find an issue? Look for bugs, typos, and missing features.


Read below how to engage with Theia community:
- Join the discussion on Discourse.
- Ask a question, request a new feature and file a bug with GitHub issues.
- Star the repository to show your support.
- Follow Theia on Twitter.


- Useful Links:
  - Testing



"Theia" is a trademark of the Eclipse Foundation