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CKEditor 5 is an ultra-modern JavaScript rich text editor with MVC architecture, custom data model and virtual DOM. It is written from scratch in ES6 and has excellent webpack support. It provides every type of WYSIWYG editing solution imaginable with extensive collaboration support. From editors similar to Google Docs and Medium, to Slack or Twitter like applications, all of which is possible within a single editing framework. As a market leader, it is constantly expanded and updated.

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Table of contents

Quick start

CKEditor 5 Online builder

The easies way to start using CKEditor 5 will all the functions and features you need, is preparing a customized build with the Online builder. All you need to do is choose the preferred predefined build as a base, add all the required plugins and download the ready package that can be then used out of the box. Refer to the Online builder Quick start guide to follow this installation path.

CKEditor 5 predefined builds

CKEditor 5 predefined builds are a set of ready-to-use rich text editors. Every such build provides a single type of editor with a set of features and a default configuration.

The following CKEditor 5 predefined builds are currently available:

Example installation

Creating an editor using a CKEditor 5 build is very simple and can be described in two steps:

1. Load the desired editor via the `