A simple React framework built on Bun. Supports React Server Components (RS...


🥁 Kotekan

A minimal React framework based on the Bun runtime, with built-in support for React Server Components (RSC).


Kotekan is in super early development. I appreciate if you try it out and provide feedback. But please, don't use it in production (yet).


- [x] CSR
- [x] SSR
- [x] Streaming
- [x] Server Components
- [x] Client Components
- [ ] Server Actions
- [x] MDX
- [x] StyleX (unstable, disabled for release)
- [x] Tailwind CSS (unstable, disabled for release)
- [ ] HMR/Fast Refresh

Supported React rendering strategies:

- [x] CSR
- [x] SSR
- [x] RSC
- [ ] SSG

Major dependencies:

- Bun

Smaller dependencies:


- As simple as possible
- As few dependencies as possible

Major missing pieces

- [x] Generate CSS file for StyleX (currently working via debug-mode)
- [x] RSC

Anti-goals/indicators that things are going into the wrong direction:
- Bundling via esbuild or other tools
- Non-ESM
- Transpiling to JS
- No legacy