Cloud-scale load testing


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  The most advanced load testing platform in the world

- Test at cloud scale. Artillery has cloud-native distributed load testing out-of-the box.
  - Run serverless load tests on AWS Lambda today. AWS Fargate and Kubernetes coming soon.
- Batteries-included. 20+ integrations for monitoring, observability, and CICD.
- Test anything. HTTP, WebSocket,, gRPC, Kinesis, and more.
- Playwright support. Load test with real headless browsers.
- Powerful workload modeling. Emulate complex user behavior with request chains, multiple steps, transactions, and more.
- Extensible & hackable. Artillery has a plugin API to allow extending and customization.
- Open source. Permissive open source license to let you build on top of Artillery.

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Follow our quick start guide to get started.

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Docs and guides

- Running tests using real headless browsers with Artillery's Playwright integration
- Publishing metrics to Datadog, Honeycomb, Lightstep, and more
- [Sending HTTP requests from using artillery probe](, visualizing performance waterfalls, and creating lightweight API checks

Integrations and plugins

We maintain a list of official and community-built integrations and plugins on our website:

Example tests

You can find a list of ready-to-run Artillery examples under [examples/](


Artillery is open-source software distributed under the terms of the MPLv2 license.

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