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Introducing JSON Crack – the open-source, free JSON visualization app that will revolutionize the way you work with data. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, JSON Crack makes it easy to explore, analyze, and understand even the most complex JSON structures. Whether you're a developer working on a large-scale project or a data enthusiast looking to uncover hidden insights, JSON Crack has the tools and features you need to unlock the full potential of your data. Best of all, because JSON Crack is open-source and free, you can use it without breaking the bank. Try JSON Crack today and experience the power of data visualization like never before.

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⚡️ Key Features

- Search Nodes
- Share links & Create Embed Widgets
- Download/Clipboard as image
- Upload JSON locally or fetch from URL
- User-friendly Interface
- Light/Dark Mode

⭐️ Embedding Into Your Website

You can use the JSON Crack to visualize your JSON at your products or websites, see our very simple guide: https://jsoncrack.com/docs
You can choose to partner us to remove attribute for your commercial products.

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🛠 Development Setup

  1. ```console
  2.   npm install
  3.   npm run dev
  4. ```

🐳 Docker

A [Dockerfile](Dockerfile) is provided in the root of the repository.
If you want to run JSON Crack locally:

Build a Docker image with docker build -t jsoncrack .
Run locally with docker run -p 8888:8080 jsoncrack
Go to http://localhost:8888


This project is open source and available under the GNU General Public License v3.0.